Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Trouble With Katie Rogers

Back in 2008 I let you in on The Trouble With Katie Rogers - a comic strip devised by illustrator and all-round impresario Des Taylor. Heck, I even got to interview Katie herself.

Then Des was kind enough to ask me to contribute my styling nous to a spread in an the upcoming Katie Rogers novel. I shame to say this was published in 2009 and I am only getting around to putting it online. It's my declining brain. If I don't do things asap, my short term memory takes an extended vay-cay. I refuse to call it my age; instead I call it my pace. I am paced out (and in denial).

Anyhoo, take a peek at the goods below or check out the Katie Rogers blog. Fancy seeing more? CLICK HERE...

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Identity Unknown said...

looks good :)