Thursday, 17 May 2012

Army Gilet

I bought an army gilet in Zara today to add to my de facto battalion of army-inspired separates: jackets, shirts, coats, parkas... you name it. Sometimes if I stand really still in my back garden, I can't be found. Just as well I'm an indoors kind of gal. Back on topic - I've been subjecting new purchases to rigorous tests so as not to incur the wrath of buyer's remorse. I'm happy to say that this little wardrobe staple already works three different ways. Behold the results of the Kimmage jury and apologies for my dodgy iPhone skills. For a more professional shots and a cool little post on military jackets, take a wander over to

Look 1
Do urban preppy with a Breton top, biker jacket and ripped jeans. 

 Tip: Swap the boots for white Converse to 'clean' it up a bit.
Look 2
Layer over a silk tank and outre maxi skirt for downtown glamour.
A chunky man's watch or a textured cuff (this one is salmon skin) toughens it up.

Look 3
Combine denim and leather for contrasting textures. 
Add concealed wedge sneakers for daytime appeal.


Sadhbh said...

Ugh was in Zara today and everything..darn.

Favorite would have to be the last pic but i'm also quite in love with the breton/leather/gilet combo.. *drool*

Undercover Hip said...

Love the jacket! Is it still in stores?

Undercover Hip said...

Love the zara jacket! Is it still in stores?


Annmarie said...

Yep still in store :)