Sunday, 27 November 2011

The C Word

It's official. As Thanksgiving has passed, I am now at liberty to use the C word. With Christmas less than a month away,I'm pulling all the stops out - like it or not. I've already been besieged on Facebook for admitting to having put up my yuletide decs but hey, that's the price one pays for being an early adapter. I'll be the last one laughing (Egg Nog in hand) while everyone else loses their God-given reason come mid-December. Next weekend it's present-shopping and then I'm at liberty to shimmy around to Wham until the 25th. Smug - maybe. Just look at this awesome Chritmas wreath I concocted last night:

Wreath, Brown Thomas
Mini candy canes, Brown Thomas
Cinnamon bunches, A. Rubanesque
Gingham ribbon, A. Rubanesque
Mini heart pins, A. Rubanesque

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