Sunday, 25 July 2010

Do Not Adjust Your Set...

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Irish Examiner Millinery Photoshoot

Bijou garden parties, whimsical weddings, champagne galas or race meets – wherever you go this summer, you need little else but a hat to make an entrance. Make sure yours gets them talking!

Shot 1 – Gatsby Girl
Lace and Swarovski crystal hat, Edel Ramberg €POA
Waterfall diamond earrings, Boodles €7,150
Blossom pink gold and diamond long necklace, Boodles €9,900
Gloves, stylist’s own
‘Becca’ shoes, Nina Divito €585

Shot 2 – Tea for Two
Vintage mink and lace hat, Edel Ramberg €385
Vintage sable stole, stylist’s own
Yellow beryl and diamond earrings, Boodles €7,980
Yellow beryl ring, Boodles €6,400
Fingerless lace gloves, £45
Philip Treacy hat, Design Centre €1,239
Raindance long strand earrings, Boodles €19,800
Double row Raindance collar, Boodles €POA
Large Raindance ring, Boodles €35,000
Vintage lace gloves, Jenny Vander €28
Manolo Blahnik shoes, Brown Thomas €495

Shot 3 – Travelling in Style
Swarovski crystal heart hat, Tootsie Royale €POA
Amethyst and diamond Tonneau earrings, Boodles €3,800
Amethyst and diamond Tonneau pendant, Boodles €2,750
Amethyst and diamond Tonneau ring, Boodles €2,850
Gauntlet gloves, £75
Miu Miu bejewelled patent peep toe shoes, Covet €80 to borrow for 3 days
Leopard print pill box hat. Tootsie Royale €110
Raindance large loop necklace, Boodles €POA
Raindance droplet earrings, Boodles €6,800
Gauntlet gloves, £75
Mary Francis bag, Alila €195

Shot 4 – Dressage
Riding hat, Linda McKay €490
Firefly earrings, Boodles €16,000
Black organza bolero (worn as a neckpiece), Bonzie Crotty €145
Cotton grosgrain ribbon (worn as bow), A. Rubanesque €2.50 per metre
Glitterati stud earrings worn on bow, Boodles €6,600
Gloves, stylist’s own
Manolo Blahnik ‘Napoleana’ boots, Brown Thomas €960

Shot 5 – Vanity Fair
Philip Treacy pink floral spray, Design Centre €989
Morganite spaghetti earrings, Boodles €7,370
Kunzite and diamond cocktail ring, Boodles €8,650
Scarf, stylist’s own
Silver embellished disc detail headpiece by Sarah Mc Gahon, Covet €75 to borrow for 3 days
Glitterati diamond earrings, Boodles €6,600
Blossom white gold and diamond long necklace, Boodles €9,900
Large Roulette diamond bracelet, Boodles €17,000
‘Livi’ shoes, Nina Divito €585

Bejewelled combed headpiece by Brett O' Mahony, Covet €80 to borrow for 3 days
Ribbon, stylist’s own
Lace ribbon (worn as bra), A. Rubanesque €28 per metre
Cuff, Bonzie Crotty €67

Shot 6 – Brideshead Revisited
Lace ribbon (worn as headband), A Rubanesque €28 per metre
Pearl necklace, stylist’s own

Shot 7 – Portrait of a Lady
Vintage lace pillbox hat, Linda McKay €390
Diamond Lagoon earrings, Boodles €17,600
Red silk wrap (worn as neckpiece), Bonzie Crotty €48

Stylist and Shoot Producer: Annmarie O'Connor @; 087 976 4920
Stylist’s Assistant: Catherine Glasheen
Hair: Susan Corcoran @ John Geaney for Hair -; 021 450 3788
Make-up: Kate O’Reilly using MAC Make-up-;
Models: Anya, Frieda and Inta @ 1st Option; 01 670 5233
Photography: Miki Barlok -; 086 223 7081
Location: The Westbury Hotel –; 01 679 1122

Special thanks to The Westbury:
The Westbury Hotel, part of the Doyle Collection

Friday, 16 July 2010

Free Fashionable Choons!

Everyone like a bit of freeness...especially on a Friday. Why don't you download this new tune from THEM:YOUTH - some sharply dressed indie rockers from London town. G'wan - it's free, innit?

Fever Rising (Muffin Remix):

Monday, 12 July 2010

Pride in the Name of Shorts

From: Andy

To: Neil, Annmarie
Wore my Pride shorts to the gym today just to give them a trial run. It's exactly like a Pride march in here most days; in fact Elton just swished off to the sauna in his tracksuit.

But they're a tad on the short and slightly see thru side. Luckily I've coordinated my underwear, though there's a risk if its windy on Saturday. The crowd may get a look at my milkshake as Kelis would say! :)

From: Annmarie
To: Andy, Neil
Get thee a nude thong. They are the answer to all ills.

From: Neil
To: Andy, Annmarie
That'll be quite the look that will, can you send on a pic so we can establish how short they are? Are u shaving the beard by the way? 

From: Andy
To: Neil, Annmarie
I'm undecided about the beard. Will make a rash decision on Saturday morning. Will take a pic this evening and send it on.

Am sensing dropping the shorts and revealing a nude thong may not be what my target audience is looking for, thats unless I arrive home with Paul O'Grady :) 

From: Annmarie
To: Andy, Neil

It's all about how you wear it. Wear it right and you can look like Bjorn Borg or Sport Ken; wear it wrong and you risk the 118118 effect. choose wisely my son. xx 

From: Neil
To: Andy, Annmarie
Actually you're the living spit of Sport Ken. Am loving his weave, though it could do with a little de-stressing. How did poor Barbie think she was ever in with a chance? 

From: Annmarie
To: Neil, Andy
That's just one Ken. There's another version too (sans facial art). See attached. Methinks we need a Ken 3.0. Andy, will you step up to the plate? 

From: Neil
To: Annmarie, Andy
I think this is actually a Richard Simmons doll which actually could be a very good look for Andy this Saturday. 

From: Andy
To: Neil, Annmarie
LOL! I don't think I can carry off a bob a la Ken. I haven't decided on the wig yet. I'm still trying to work out an afternoon costume change as well. Bought a pair of navy city shorts and had an electric blue belt to go with them matching the gola trainers but they're clearly marked wrong. 32 my arse! It cut off the circulation when I put them on.

Richard Simmons

You can only truly appreciate the nuances of this post if you read the previous email dated pre-Dublin Pride. Read above and then go below...if you know what I mean.

From Andy:
To Annmarie; Neil:

He's 62 and still has that twinkle in his eye, along with most of his body; thinking of channelling him for summer in the gym.

Oh, and your readers would probably been keen to know that myself and Neil where highly impressed with Cheryl Cole picking up malaria for summer 2010; she's always at the forefront of what's hot.

That was until we heard Sam Fox has rabies, from a malicous moggy; girl is channelling spring summer 2011.

Andy :)

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Cocoa is my Chanel

I make no secret of my love for good chocolate. If shopping funds are low, cocoa solids make a damn fine proxy indulgence. You can therefore imagine my apoplectic glee to discover Cocoa Atelier - a new Irish-owned chocolate on Drury Street. Pop in and try one of the salt caramels and take a look at the light fixture - a mega cluster of old hand whisks. Once you've had your sugar rush, check out the sales next door in Smock. Up to 50% off on Rick Ownes Lillies, Acne, Tsumori Chisato and other yummy labels !

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

How to Make a Versace Campaign

Thanks to the shuck-tastic Oyster magazine for this little piece of youtube heaven. xx

Monday, 5 July 2010


From: Andy
To: Annmarie, Neil
Subject: Please tell me this won't take off...
Jeggings for men????
If it is I'll need boob tap and a short primer on tucking.

From: Annmarie
To: Andy, Neil
Subject: Re: Please tell me this won't take off...
In Ireland? Two words: doubt it. Can you imagine our fellas squeezing their bits into lycra whilst holding pints and watching the match? Something tells me this is the sole provenance of the runway. Then again, speedos and Jesus sandals (with socks) have also been spotted on the Milano catwalks. Yikes! Imagine double trending that?!

Pic: Burberry Prorsum MFW