Monday, 5 July 2010


From: Andy
To: Annmarie, Neil
Subject: Please tell me this won't take off...
Jeggings for men????
If it is I'll need boob tap and a short primer on tucking.

From: Annmarie
To: Andy, Neil
Subject: Re: Please tell me this won't take off...
In Ireland? Two words: doubt it. Can you imagine our fellas squeezing their bits into lycra whilst holding pints and watching the match? Something tells me this is the sole provenance of the runway. Then again, speedos and Jesus sandals (with socks) have also been spotted on the Milano catwalks. Yikes! Imagine double trending that?!

Pic: Burberry Prorsum MFW


Anastasia and Duck said...

Maybe not in Ireland, but guys in certain areas of London already dress like this. Where do you think Christopher gets his ideas? It's not as if B Prorsum is a very forward brand...

They had some killer leather jackets though :)


Annmarie said...

Indeed I'm aware of this having lived in London for many years. have featured those by Emporio Armani but my niece reads my blog so I'm keen to keep it clean (of certain bulges). :)