Sunday, 27 June 2010

Linda the Super

In a bid to ease myself into post-holiday work mode, I popped out for a coffee and Vogue break; as one does. Flicking through the July issue I came across 'The History of the Supermodel' - with an icnonic 1991 shoot of Linda Evangelista draped in Dior. I squealed...and may have spilled some coffee. I remember seeing this shot for the first time so many years ago - that red pixie cut, those gold boots, the sculpted bars on the lamé fishtail skirt; and man, can she work a turtleneck! Those elevated poised arms and peek-a-boo eyes said 'you want this' and I did. Ever since, I've used this silhouette as my sartorial archetype. Most recently I found a pair of gold lamé capri pants for €20 in Lucy's Lounge and bought them as an homage. I spied Erin O'Connor at LFW in a similar pair of gold Marc Jacobs boots and coveted them lascivously. Similarly, I found a website that makes fishtail skirts - albeit in black - and declared this to be the AW10/11 sequel to summer's tubular maxi. If one shot could capture the imagination of the public for so long, there's a damn good reason Linda & Co. were dubbed 'super'.

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