Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Holiday Roundup

Happy holidays fellow style-philes. Apologies for the glitch in communication but hey - 'tis the silly season and all that. I won't bore you with details of my shenanigans but suffice to say, some fashion was had. Let's start with what Santa bought:
1) Armand Basi One harem pants - a wool/cashmere mix with volume at the ankles which renders them Genie Pants - a.k.a. - SS10 on trend. Love it when a fad becomes fabulous...
2) JoyNatura bag made from rabbit fur and cowhide, with solid silver, agate stone and deer horn detail. Rumour has it Santa bought it in I Love Vintage (Clifden, Galway).
3) Vivienne Westwood armour ring - or rather a fake. Not that Santa would buy a fake but yours truly got well and truly duped on eBay; so much so that said 'designer' shed its gold sheen once I put it on my finger. Sigh. (Insert 'loser' sign here.)
4) Harvey Nichols champagne - amongst other bottles. Notice the box is empty. Note to self: sort out the bottle recycling bin pronto. At least the bubbles made up for the bogus jewellery.

Oh...there may be a fabulous and highly discounted Richard Nicoll dress in the post. Just maybe...

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