Friday, 28 November 2008

It All Comes Out in the Wash

Handy I'm not. It seems my DNA is programmed for faff and frippery. Throw in any bit of math, financial management or DIY and my head spins like Lynda Blair. Cut to: my washing machine hissing and spitting yesterday Exorcist-stylee. Not good; not least because half of my wardrobe lies wet in those steel Bosch jaws. Most of all my banjaxed Midas touch is sure to anger the machine. But I want my clothes back so I call for back up. Colum the handyman arrives and handy he is, forcing Ms Bosch to cough up dust, debris underwire. Mort! Yes, it would appear the only ghost in the machine was that of a well chewed bra. Nice.


Stephanie and Caroline said...

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Kirstie said...

been there missis - the grinding of the drum, the mad clanks and sick-sounding metal noises. Then you open it and find a couple of chewed underwires poking out of the drum... ARGH

HelenB said...

My plumber told me that happens a lot.

Mind you, this is the same plumber who talked me into replacing my machine when in fact, it emerged later that the only problem was an elastoplast stuck in the drainage pipe.

Bloody machines.