Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Fashion Gaydar

I love my gays. Without them I wouldn't have emails like this to brighten an otherwise inclement blah Tuesday morning. This comes courtesy of my Neil to whom I am indebted for razor-sharp sartorial insight and Allegra Versace on speed dial. Have a read:

NEIL: "Hey Ams, You may have already seen this. It's my favourite picture of the week from the fashion wires and I thought iblogfashion needed to be alerted. It's from the visit of Carla Sarkozy to the UN last week. Looking ever elegant in her Dior suit, she is being subjected to an awfully fierce case of "the evils" from Chantal Biya, the fantastically glamorous first lady of Cameroon. Am sensing Chantal's amazement at how anyone could truck up to the UN like Carla has here without so much as a lick of make-up or having spent at least an hour of vigorous back-combing."

Genius! Lovin' your work Neil.  x


Carli Humphries said...

I've just found your blog! I am now addicted and have given myself a headache from reading all the posts I could manage....
I am a budding fashionista, interning at Grazia at the mo and desperately trying to find a job! I would love it if you would check out my blog, http://wardrobewisdom.blogspot.com

Phil Obrien said...

Look at that woman on the right, haha..reminds me of my colleague at my previous work. If i'll be sending you the pics, I bet you would say they are the same person. The difference is just the hair. Is that a wig?