Monday, 12 May 2008

Swag Math

Only one week until the dreaded BDAY! As I clutch, nay claw, onto what's left of my rapidly evaporating youth, I am fit to utter only one word - CHANEL!!!!!!!

Look. The way I see it is, if I'm gonna be an old bag, it may as well be in fabulous shoes. Exhibit A: these two-toned beauties from the Brown Thomas Shoe Room. At €460, I'm thinking bargain-ola! My sister however has another word for it - rent. I could opt to mutter expletives under my breath or just engage in some timely swag math.

€460 = summer investment

3 months of sunshine and heat equals the following savings:
heat bills = subtract €70 per month x 3 months = €210
winter comfort food = subtract an extra €100 x 3 months = €300

If you're anything like me, winter involves full blast heat and 6 meals a day. As a cold-blooded person, it's about all I can do to stay warm. By graudating to summer, I am not only saving the environment, I am also losing weight by not raping the planet of its potatoes and meat stocks.

Surely I deserve a reward for that?

1 comment:

HelenB said...

Hey, the logic works for me..

..but then I'm also recovering from recent birthday-related stress, so I may not be entirely objective.