Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Cruel Intentions

I like my trousers hip-slung and wide-legged; ideally paired with a crisp
shirt or a cute tee. Not too much to ask. My yearn for simple tailoring seems to have been beset once more however by the ubiquitous trend tyrants. This season? High-waisted and ankle length with midriff volume or MC Hammer dhoti style nappies. The culprits? Gaultier, Hermes, Donna Karan, YSL. How could you? I feel so betrayed. Desperate for some style counsel, I took succour in the trend spy of Vogue's March issue. Roksanda Ilincic recommends that I should 'curtail the volume with a long line mannish jacket' and incorporate some 'jersey separates' for that 'slouch appeal'. I look at her in all her porcelain elegance and cannot help but think that someone is playing a nasty joke. How can this 'new trouser shape' (shape?) be worn without espousing laughter on all ends? The article graciously assures me that it's 'a further step towards Pilati's "post-minimalist elegance".' O.K. Pilati who? Now I just feel badly-dressed and silly. Since when did fashion become so masonic? It's like boho chic all over again! (Sigh!)

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