Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Go Nude...you know you want to!

I'm a fairly 'no make-up' kinda gal; although to look at my cosmetics case you'd think I'd robbed BTs in mannner of a deranged East End gangster. Last count I had 5 palettes, 19 eyeshadows, 12 eyeliners, 10 lip glosses, 9 lipsticks, 5 foundations, 2 eyeshadow primers, 7 mascaras, 6 blushes, 3 pots of glitter, 1/2 set of falsh lashes (don't ask) and 1 extreme wrinkle filler. And that's only what I'll admit to. Suffice to say, I could use some simplicity in my life. So, when I was invited to preview Bobbi Brown's Nude Collection, I was nothing but relieved. The palette is basically designed to enhance your natural skin pigment. With four lip stains and four eyeshadows in gorgeous shades of buff, nude, bare and naked, there is little margin for messing up. This is the big sell for me. I am barely able to spell my own name in the morning, let alone be trusted with an arsenal of mismatching shades. Kudos again to Ms Brown for daring us all to go bare.

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