Sunday, 2 March 2008

Damned Gravity

O.K. I'm a bit on the fence here. I've always loved the Alessandro dell'Acqua aesthetic, in particular his creative execution of shoes. The SS08 collection is a key example from his ubiquitous colourblocking to the clever use of contrasting materials. In a word - yummy! Moving on.... When I clapped my peepers on these beauties to my right, I felt somewhat conflicted. Sure, I'm down with the geisha-come-gladiator juxtaposition. Marry it with a magenta silk above-the-knee kimono and you have some cheeky summer style afoot. What I'm inconclusive about is the face-to-pavement ratio. Something tells me the combination of the heel + my 6ft frame = a trip to the A&E. Maybe I could just take them home and stroke them. Like a cat. Prrrrrrrrrrr.

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